Living Free

Living Free is an inner healing ministry aimed at getting to the root of strongholds blocking your personal connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Removing lies and healing wounds will enable you to walk in the freedom of your calling in Christ.

You will meet with a team who will help to facilitate God’s purpose for you that day. The team is there to support and pray with you as the Father reveals and breaks bondages in your life. The words that He gives you are written down for you to take home and remember His promises over your life. Our team also offers breaking generational curses and deliverance if needed.

We meet on Wednesdays at 10AM and Saturdays at 2PM at the church building.
Please schedule an appointment by emailing Tracey de Blank at


  • “Almost 2 years ago, I had a Sozo experience, led by 2 members of Free Life’s Living Free team. It was a lovely encounter with the Father and The Son. One of the great blessings was learning how to go to God for myself. I know I can always go back for help if needed, but so far, I have heard more and more on my own. What a blessing. Thank you all.”

  • “I left there with a sense of hope I have not known for a long while.”

  • “My sozo was a very rewarding experience.  God spoke clearly and answered each question I asked Him.  He also showed me specific times in my life where I had believed lies, or where doors were open and not-nice things were allowed in. It was so easy once they were identified to simply acknowledge and renounce them, be free, and move on!  God is good!”