• I was responsible for envisioning, creating, and facilitating a large event at work – the first of its kind. Several high-profile people would be in attendance to see how the event, and I, fared. The night before, I prayed with my Life Group for the success of the event. 
    It ended up having a higher turnout rate than any event in the history of the company, and was a wild success. Specific details were prophesied over and came to pass, including attentiveness for everyone that came. Not a single person was seen on their phone for the duration. We had also prayed for wisdom, and I felt led with confidence to actually end the event early to avoid impending rain. It proved to be God’s wisdom – I was able to get everyone out of the event safely without getting wet, and received help cleaning everything up before the end of the allotted timeframe. 
  • I got delivered from anger in the summer of 2019. Since then, I have been walking that freedom out in my daily life. It has been really hard – but I could see some fruit in small ways. I spoke over myself often, “I am free. I am free. Even if I don’t feel free, Christ has set me free.”

    In the summer of 2020, I got delivered from a deeper level of anger (I see the fruit of it in a greater measure). God gave me a prophetic picture of my situation, which I talked about with some of the leaders to get help understanding it. They encouraged me to meet for a Living Free session to have the issue dealt with and healed on a spiritual level.

    Since that meeting, I’ve realized that the anger isn’t part of my character, as I had thought it was. It’s now easier to be nice to my husband, and easier to practice patience with myself, my children, and my husband. My responses to situations are different. In fact, I’ve even experienced a joy and underlying peace to it all. I’ve also found it easier to read my Bible.


  • I went up for prayer this last Sunday for my right wrist which had been weak and hurting during use.  After receiving prayer, the pain from simply turning my wrist immediately went away, although it still didn’t feel fully normal.
    One day later I would estimate that my wrist is at 95% strength and the weakness, pain, and fear of using it are gone.
    God is so awesome… thank you!
  • This past Sunday, after being filled with truth and given a Rhema Word during Pastor Clayton’s teaching on Kingdom Warfare, I received a text from my daughter in law saying that my son was suffering from extreme heat exhaustion and was contemplating going to the ER.  He had worked outside on Saturday, and Sunday morning he was coaching Little League Baseball games.  He began to experience symptoms of dehydration, his body temperature was elevated, and he was having heart palpitations.  
    Normally, I would be gripped in panic and fear, but the Spirit of the Lord quickly reminded me of the truths I had just received in my spirit that morning at Free Life. So I jumped in my car and went to their home where my son was laying in his bed. I immediately laid hands on him and using the authority given to me by Jesus through His Holy Spirit, I spoke those truths from God’s Word over my son. His body temperature cooled and his heart rate came down. He is now hydrating like crazy, and resting, which is a feat in itself because my son has never been one to be still. He’s the father of 3 of my grandkids with another due in August! I’m praising the Lord and filled with gratitude for the sound teaching that morning that equipped me to take action. All Glory to God! My husband and I are thankful to have discovered Free Life!
  • This past Sunday I received prayer for pain in my back. It was gone before I left the church! 
  • Our son slipped and fell into a pool, bruising and scraping one of his knees and a toe. We prayed together and thanked the Holy Spirit for making his body whole and healthy. By the time we finished, we had seen the bruise dramatically decrease, and the bleeding that had begun, had stopped. God is good!!
    – TC


  • Last year, Clayton gave a message on the power of Communion, and that we can claim healing through it. Well I took Communion that day in faith that the sciatic nerve pain I had been experiencing would be healed, and it instantly was that day. I had had pain in both legs that sprung up out of nowhere.
    Fast forward to this past week – the sciatic nerve pain returned in my leg. Last night, I was laying in bed and my leg was hurting. I thought to myself, “Wait, I took Communion and got healthier; free from this.” Literally, the pain instantly went away!!
  • On May 15th I unexpectedly lost my job of 8 years in a company-wide reorganization that reduced the workforce by 600 people.  Fortunately, two days before our life group (Kingdom Life) studied a chapter in Bill Johnson’s “Strengthen Yourself in the Lord” about thanksgiving.  Give thanks to God in all things, and all situations, to strengthen yourself.  Thanksgiving opens the door for peace to enter in. Peace is the portal for rejoicing. As the verse says, “ We enter his gates with thanksgiving in our hearts, we enter his courts with praise(rejoicing)”  I had started practicing thanksgiving in my daily prayer times and I have had peace throughout this transition. 

    Here is the awesome part: I was contacted by a recruiter a couple days later who had an interesting opportunity that I agreed to pursue.  It only took about two weeks, and signed an offer letter yesterday which includes better benefits and a 10% increase in salary.  This feels like a promotion. Our God is a good good Father and gives great gifts to his children. 

    Malachi 3:10 “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.“

    – GH

  • I haven’t been able to see my family much during the quarantine, and when I have, it’s been with social distancing. There’s been a lot of fear around all of this with COVID and with my family seeing me.  It’s been hard for me emotionally for many reasons, including not being able to see my sister’s newborn baby. Today I saw my mom and for the first time since all this started, we hugged, said she heard from the Lord about loving me and coming along side me in this time. We agreed we needed to fight whatever fear was coming against our family. Such restoration and transformation in a short period of time with my mom, all from the Lord speaking to her regarding not fearing and stepping out in love. I’m believing for continued transformation in my family. I want to encourage you that the Lord is on the move! Thank you Jesus!  

    – MB

  • My wife and I weren’t sleeping well for several nights in a row. Nothing about our sleeping environment had changed, but we were sleeping less. I put a bit of oil on our headboard last night to anoint it, and in prayer, took authority in the name of Jesus over our sleep. I spoke peace and rest over it.
    We both slept much better last night!
    – TC
  • My son, a toddler, had a close encounter with a copperhead snake. My daughter (a few years older) and I were pretty shaken up by it. My mind kept going over all of the “what if” scenarios for how badly that encounter could have gone, and it was making me terrified of possibilities in a situation where we’d already been saved (also making me afraid to take my kids into the woods again without being super on-edge). My daughter was acting afraid that the snake would now hunt her down.

    My mom was nearby and said, “Thank goodness we have a big God,” just in passing, but it was a wake up call for me. I began focusing on what God had done to protect us and save us from this venomous creature. I repeated these things out loud to my daughter, and we even told fear to go and prayed for Jesus to give her bravery…but mainly we focused on thanking Him. The atmosphere shifted and now she even talks about it as if it was just a big adventure we had, without the overwhelming fear. It taught me how easy it can be to shift an atmosphere, and how important it is to do so, even when we are past a situation that already worked out in our favor. It surprised me how quickly and comfortably my mind went into the negative tailspin after something that was actually a good outcome.

    Yes, we narrowly avoided a copperhead, but we DID, and God protected us. Thank you, Jesus, for protecting my children, my mom, and me!

    – KC

  • Last week, we asked our Life Group to pray for my parents’ business, which has been affected by COVID. They have lost business, but have continued to keep on all employees and have even done work for one customer for free, because it’s what the Lord put on their hearts. Also, they did not get the PPP stimulus, even though they qualified, because the money ran out.

     We prayed, and this week I heard from my parents. Firstly, they are still super optimistic that God is going to take care of them through all this. Second, they received a Small Business grant from their county for a few thousand dollars. Finally, after they dropped off a deposit, their bank called to inform them that there was an extra check that they missed, and the bank adjusted the deposit to account for it. It ended up being about $200 more than what they had intended to deposit.

    – KC

  • My family has been has been getting updates from extended family in NYC where a close family friend, in normal health and not at-risk, was diagnosed with the coronavirus. His condition went downhill quickly to the point where doctors coordinated a phone call with his mother to say goodbye, and the phone was held up to his ear. Some of my family and I decided to fast and pray together for his healing and recovery. The morning after the phone call, we received reports that his condition was improving and stabilizing, unlike those around him. Doctors were able to identify specific issues and begin treating them. We are continuing to pray and trust, as people in my family in VA and those in NYC are being encouraged in their faith – at ALL levels of faith – because of what God is doing in this man.

    – AC

  • I’m a chiropractor and am still working at the office. Virginia has declared chiropractic essential healthcare, so praise God I still have a job! One of my patients expressed to me she was very fearful and worried about her work situation. She said they have already cut her hours to 1/3 of what it was previously. She didn’t know how much more they were going to cut her hours and she was getting concerned that she would have to file for unemployment.  Her husband currently has a steady work situation, but I could tell she was very worried about hers. She is a patient with whom I’ve had some spiritual conversation, and she is open to many worldviews, and I have shared mine with her. Today I asked if I could pray for her before she left the office –she smiled and said yes.  I simply prayed for provision for her and her family and her business, and that the Lord would bring blessings and provide, as it is His nature and part of who he is. After I finished praying, she was in tears and I gave her a hug. She said she was very grateful that she had not delayed her appointment, as she had planned to. 

    – MB

  • Almost immediately when the fast began, we started experiencing a downturn in our business.  Clients were leaving every day over the littlest things. It wasn’t making sense in the natural realm but we knew it was a time of testing in the spiritual realm.  While we lost 10-20 clients (mostly lower-fee), we gained a focus and strength from the fast that we needed just in time for that 2-week period before things settled out.  I’m happy to report now that God has provided new clients during this fast (and continues to do so) and we’re moving through this “shift” in our business toward more health and growth.  We’re excited about how He continues to bless and use us through our CPA firm.

    – CT

  • Well it is still amazing to see what God can do.

    Back on Jan. 5th I prayed with a leader for miracles to become real in my life as I faced cancer surgery. I know that he was in it from the beginning even in the miracle of finding out that I had cancer.  I had no symptoms of issues…but an MRI revealed a tumor that was odd shaped and out of the edges. It ended up being a Gleeson score of 7, which is not the most aggressive but can become deadly if left to its own way. 

    God led us to a doctor in Houston that uses a unique combination of existing technology that’s only being used in 3 places in the US.  It uses a laser to burn the cancer instead of trying to cut it out with damaging other nerves and structures while the whole procedure is being observed in real time in an MRI machine.  Details of each cell type are identifiable in order to remove all of the cancer without damaging other things. 

    We prayed that it would be gone, and though it wasn’t, it did shrink to where it could be removed without causing more harm. Now, after 4 weeks, I have no side effects of the surgery or of ever having cancer. 

    God is truly a gracious, loving, and merciful to us.

    – JS

  • I was cooking in the oven with a cast iron pan. I had just taken it out of the oven and it was sitting on the counter top. I wasn’t thinking when I was preparing dinner so I grabbed it–burning my ring finger (thankfully it wasn’t any more of my hand). I had seen a friend pray for her daughter’s finger the previous day so it encouraged me to pray for my finger. I ran it under some cool water and prayed over it. The next morning I woke up and was reading and thought wait, I burnt my finger last night it should hurt. I started rubbing it and saw that there wasn’t any mark, and no pain at all. I keep rubbing it out of surprise because I genuinely thought it should hurt more, but it was completely fine–not even a shiny mark from a small burn!

    – MB